The Famous Restaurants in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the cities with a lots of restaurants and they are very eclectic in their selections. Barbeque and steaks are common cuisine, but Mexican/Tex-Mex is also quite prominent. No matter what your tastes, there’s a restaurant to suit your needs. Here is a list of 5 restaurants that are truly unique to Oklahoma City. These are the ones that truly define our city – the best of the best of those we call our own.

Meers Store & Restaurant (Meers, Oklahoma) – One of the best hidden treasures of Oklahoma, Meers is a spot-in-the-road town that includes a single store and restaurant. But this is not just your normal burger joint; in Meers they take their food seriously. Established in 1901, this shack of a restaurant is not much to look at, and the long wait had me wondering why I was there in the first place. But upon tasting their locally bred 97% lean grass fed Longhorn beef Meersburger, I forgot about everything but the heaven that is the Meersburger itself. And if you find that a normal Meersburger isn’t enough, they even serve a 7” Giant Meersburger to satiate your hunger. With a side of freedom fries there is no other place in Oklahoma where you can get food like this.

Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace (Tahlequah, and Tulsa, OK) – The original Sam & Ella’s opened in Tahlequah and was a huge hit among locals, and eventually lured people from other cities to try their unbelievable subs and pizzas. Recently another location was added in Tulsa which encompassed all of the beauty of its mother restaurant. Heavy on the cheese, and heavy on the delicious, Sam & Ella’s is a treat not to be missed. The prices are also reasonable – but remember the Tulsa location is carry-out only.

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies (Interstate 35, near Davis, Oklahoma) – If you didn’t know heaven was located in a tiny gas station near Davis, Oklahoma then you haven’t been to Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies. This tiny location doesn’t look like much, but upon entering you will find it to be the best aromatic experience of your life – and that’s before you taste the pies! These pies are made fresh daily, are reasonably priced, and are even cheaper when you order in bulk! The best part is their call in service – if you know you will coming by the station, you can call the store at 580-369-7830, and fresh pies will be made just for you when you arrive.

Fat Guy’s Burger Bar (Tulsa) – While the burgers at Fat Guy’s are on the pricey side, as burgers go, for a restaurant this good I find the prices to be just right. $5 – $8 is typical price ranges for Fat Guy’s but the quality and the service is well worth it. This restaurant not only provides arguable the best burgers in all of Oklahoma, but also some of the most unique anywhere. Famous for their peanut butter burger – which I personally tried Thai style (including Thai chili, and pineapple), they also leave room for creativity by allowing you to create your own experiment, and also choose from a variety of starter options.

Earl’s Rib Palace (OKC) – When it comes to BBQ you would have a hard time finding better in Oklahoma than Earl’s Rib Palace. I think It’s only fitting that this restaurant is titled “palace” instead of shack, or domain or any other typical word that follows after “rib” or “BBQ” for most restaurants. While Earl’s does have five locations across the OKC area, it does not seem to have caused a decrease in quality, which we see in many once popular local restaurants. The food is deliciously smoked, the service is fast and the prices are reasonable for good BBQ — about $10 per plate. There is really only one downside to Earl’s, and that is the health factor. But, when you are going for BBQ this should not be a real concern.

The Green Highlight of Oklahoma

When you think of the word “Oklahoma”, you probably associate it with the ever popular musical production of the same title! This would then probably lead you to believe that all that the state of Oklahoma has to offer is outback ranches, cowboys and flat, deserted territory! However, a trip to Tulsa will quickly disprove this, opening your eyes to the hidden beauty of this unique state.

In Oklahoma, Tulsa is the second largest city and is the cultural and arts center of the state. Located on the north-eastern corner, Tulsa is known as the gateway to “Green Country”, as it is close to the state’s green vegetation, rolling hills and picturesque, sparkling lakes.

In the city center, you will find one of the nation’s greatest concentrations of Art Deco architecture, with the buildings exhibiting an abundance of contemporary architectural styles. This really is just the surface of this great city, as there is just so much to see and do here that it really is essential to spend at least a week exploring the city limits!

When it comes to car rental in Tulsa, the process is extremely simple. There are a total of 5 depots in the city, so all you have to do is decide which one suits you the best for picking up your rental vehicle. From here you can head out and begin your discovery of the great city of Tulsa, beginning with these five inviting attractions: Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum, Gilcrease Museum, Oklahoma Aquarium, Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and Stone Bluff Cellars,

Oklahoma Child Car Seat Laws

Every driver, when transporting a child under six years of age in a motor vehicle operated on the roadways, streets, or highways of this state, shall provide for the protection of said child by properly using a child passenger restraint system.

The Oklahoma child restraint laws require?

Children five years old or younger must be properly restrained in either a child car seat or a booster seat appropriate for their height and weight. Children ages six through twelve must be properly restrained in either a child car seat, booster seat, or seat belt. Properly restrained means that the restraint system is correctly installed and being used in accordance with the seat manufacturer’s instructions. For example, if the seat manufacturer’s instructions state that the car seat should never be placed in front of an active air bag, then installing it in front of an active air bag would not be “properly using”. The law exempts the drivers of emergency vehicles, such as an ambulance, from the law as well as drivers of vehicles which are not required to be equipped with seat belts and vehicles in which all the seat belts are in use by other passengers.

What vehicles are not required to have seat belts?

Passenger cars manufactured prior to 1967 and pickups, vans and SUVs manufactured prior to 1971 were not required to have seat belts. Also, school buses and many commercial transport vehicles which carry more than 10 passengers are not required to have seat belts. As long as the vehicle did not have seat belts as original equipment, then it is exempt from the law.

What are the height and weight requirements by law?

Oklahoma does not have specific height and weight requirements, only the age requirements as listed above. The height and weight limits for a particular seat vary by seat manufacturer, so you should select a seat that will fit your child’s size.

Are there any special exclusions if my vehicle doesn’t have lap/shoulder belts for use with booster seats?
Oklahoma’s Child Restraint Law allows a child who weighs more than 40 pounds to ride in a rear seating position while wearing only a lap belt if the vehicle is not equipped with combination lap/shoulder belts in the rear seat or if the lap/shoulder belts are in use by other children who weigh more than 40 pounds. Church vans and Daycare Center vans can present a letter from the parent or guardian stating that the child weighs more than 40 pounds as proof of the child’s weight if so requested by a law enforcement officer.

How to Transfer Vehicle in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma public roads, all   driven are required to be properly titled and registered. When the vehicle is transferred to another owner due to sale, gift, or inheritance, the vehicle owner must notify the Department of Public Safety of this transfer.

When you are selling a vehicle in Oklahoma, you are required to have the following documentation:

* A properly assigned and notarized Oklahoma certificate of title.
* Verification form of liability insurance (motor vehicles only), which must be in compliance with Oklahoma requirements.
* Lien release for any active liens.
* Current registration.
* When transferring ownership of a motor vehicle nine years old or newer, a completed odometer disclosure statement is required. This statement is generally incorporated into title certificate ownership assignments.  A separate odometer disclosure statement form is available for downloading from the Forms Section of this site.

If you are selling a vehicle, you will be required to provide the buyer with a valid Oklahoma title. You are also required to sign the title in the spaces provided and fill in the buyer’s personal information. The title must be properly notarized before it can be accepted by the DPS.

The car that is being sold must be properly registered, and you must present proof of a valid liability insurance policy. Salvage or junk titles that are being transferred are excluded from this rule.

Proof of insurance usually comes in the form of an insurance security verification form, such as the vehicle owner’s insurance policy or an individual’s non-owner insurance policy.

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety keeps track of odometer readings for all vehicles. This measure was implemented to prevent vehicle owners from tampering with the odometer readings. This protects the buyer. If you are selling a vehicle, you must list the odometer reading on the title, in the space provided. If your title does not incorporate the disclosure statement, you must complete a separate Odometer Disclosure Statement. The disclosure form must be signed by both the seller and the buyer.